GTCC Charity Bikini Carwash // GTR’s

The GTCC Charity Bikini Carwash was held Tigersoft Performance as a once off event to raise funds towards the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

There were a couple of immaculate Nissan GTR’s that were due for a good wash.  Steve’s immaculate beast RR8T3D getting a much deserved wash.

Luckily for us some very kind models offered to wash all the cars for us that day.

I do feel bad for the poor staff off camera who had to spray the models and cars with the water hose all day in the heat. FirstWorldProblems

Aussies sure do know how to make a GTR look unique. Check out the canard kit on this NUR Spec GTR.

And some superbikes from Phil Czaj Racing.

With another day of hard work over…. The total amount raised was $2589.85 with it all going to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.