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Melbourne Old School Cruisers Picnic


All Holden Day Geelong 2015

                                                                 … Continue reading

Sightseeing in Melbourne: The Red Room


Takahiro Iwasaki: Reflection Model

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28th Annual Picnic at Hanging Rock 2015

Today hosted the 28th Annual Picnic at Hanging Rock 2015 at Mt Macedon. The Picnic at Hanging Rock is organised by the Macedon Ranges & District Motor Club Inc. The only criteria to… Continue reading

Custom Cars & Coffee Melbourne PART 2

This is Custom Cars & Coffee Melbourne PART 2. PART 1 can be found here     Double vision.     V35JET trying to hydroplane.     Everyone loves the Monaro    … Continue reading


The official ‘DREAM / CHASER – SLAP STICKER’ is more than just a sticker. It lets people know what you’re about. It incorporates the Japanese proverb “Fall down seven times, stand up eight”… Continue reading

Custom Cars & Coffee Melbourne PART 1

When I arrived at Sandown Raceway it was dark, gloomy, 15°C and about to start raining at any moment. So I thought what better time to find a vantage point to get some… Continue reading

GT Car Club – 2015 Track Day

I was lucky enough to attend the GT Car Club track day at Sandown Raceway, even the rain couldn’t deter me from heading down to take some photos. Once I got to the… Continue reading

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