Northside Presents : Holden + Ford VS JDM + Euro

During winter in Melbourne normal people tend to stay indoors at night time, protected from the freezing cold elements. But then again average people don’t have a passion for cars and enjoy standing… Continue reading

Melbourne Car Meets: ‘Mini’ Meet #12

VicDrift Championship Round 1 // Photos

Sit back and enjoy the VicDrift Championship Round 1 // Photos from Calder Park in Melbourne. Watch the video to see where I was taking photos from 🙂

The Ultimate Burnout Challenge #6

The Ultimate Burnout Challenge #6 was held at Avalon Raceway. Some of Australia’s toughest burnout cars were out in force, having a crack at the $30,000 in prize money to be won. GMHAZD… Continue reading

World Time Attack Challenge 2013 // Photos

WTAC is held at Sydney motorsports park once a year with race teams gathering from around the globe to battle for the title. If you like time attack racing and are interested in race… Continue reading

MINI FEATURE: Team Party Cat

Do i have some good news for you if you like Party Time and Cats. When I was at the World Time Attack Challenge I came across these two cars from Team Party… Continue reading

GTCC Charity Bikini Carwash // GTR’s

The GTCC Charity Bikini Carwash was held Tigersoft Performance as a once off event to raise funds towards the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. There were a couple of immaculate Nissan GTR’s that… Continue reading


A few weeks ago I attended the Skylines Australia Victoria Annual car show. This was a Skyline only show organised by the SAU Club, Everything was going to fine, but then Manny rocked… Continue reading

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