Duncan Shiu’s EVO 9 // Tarzan Yamada // WTAC 2014

I caught up with Mr Duncan Shiu at the track today and asked him a bunch of questions about his time attack car. I was like a kid in a candy store I… Continue reading


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ARE YOU VEGAS ENOUGH // Kingpin Kuztums // MOSC

The guys over at Kingpin Kuztums & Melbourne old school cruisers have teamed up together to display some unique cars today with the “ARE YOU VEGAS ENOUGH” Event held in a massive undercover… Continue reading

Corvette // Sandown Racetrack

VicDrift Championship Round 3

Enjoy some of my shots from the VicDrift Championship Round 3 at Calder Park in Melbourne.                                  … Continue reading


This year for Oz Comic-Con I decided to take my camera along and capture the event as it unfolded.       I was like a kid in a toy shop… I did… Continue reading

Ultima GTR // PHOTO

  The Ultima GTR is a stunning car up close in real life. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  

The Minty Drift R32 // PHOTOS

   “Drifting is pretty much this, The Left foot works the clutch, And the right foot stays flat, The middle foot does nothing; Rock-Hard Boners ” ~ Swag Wizzerd            … Continue reading

Northside Presents : Holden + Ford VS JDM + Euro

During winter in Melbourne normal people tend to stay indoors at night time, protected from the freezing cold elements. But then again average people don’t have a passion for cars and enjoy standing… Continue reading

Melbourne Car Meets: ‘Mini’ Meet #12

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