Melbourne JDM Club 1st Anniversary // Boosted Automotive

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Springvale….. Yep that’s correct Pho. Every time I go to Springvale it is either for Pho or to get a haircut and bun bun. But this time it was for the 1st Anniversary of the Melbourne JDM Club hosted at Boosted Automotive. The club activities often include cruises and meets as well as pre meets for the meets…

I had to lift my arms really high to get this photo
r34 gtr
Dat V5PEC1
r34 gtr
Clean little MX-5 with big wang
R32 GTR looking good
r32 gtr
JDM Brothers
A look inside the Boosted Automotive workshop
boosted automotive
Boosted automotive dori car
How cool is this racecar. Pumped guards and all.
The auto salon 2007 nostalgia is strong.
Apparently if you stand in the middle of these cars you get hypnotised and start drooling
I’m not too sure what the guy in the background is doing but I am sure that this GT-R is a beast and that paint looks fucking amazing!