GT Car Club – 2015 Track Day

I was lucky enough to attend the GT Car Club track day at Sandown Raceway, even the rain couldn’t deter me from heading down to take some photos. Once I got to the racetrack the rain had stopped and it was go time.


1O1A2650-2Manny’s M3 came out to play despite the wet track.

1O1A2624One of the Bayside blue GT-R’s.

1O1A2638 This yellow paint really suited the R34.

1O1A2651Wheel porn at its finest.

1O1A2652More wheel porn.

1O1A2656This GT-R was patiently waiting for the track to dry up!

1O1A2659Euro cars had a strong presence at the track.

1O1A2662A Porsche ready for some action.

1O1A2666 This car had only just finish being built and was not only there to just look good!

1O1A2667 It was pretty cool watching the car have its first shakedown in person.

1O1A2668This was one of the best built R33’s I had seen to date.


1O1A2684Nom nom nom.


I had to stop wandering around in the garages as the first group was about to head out for the first session of the day and I wasn’t prepared to miss the action. Track photos are on page 2.